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Interno Tre is a dream born from the creativity and tenacity of Daniela, the real team leader of the project. After years of in-depth studies and training courses, she decides that the time has come to deploy his team and conceive a restaurant that is first and foremost a convivial place, where simple and, at the same time, surprising cuisine is the protagonist.


Over the years, the family has expanded and is now made up of motivated and enthusiastic guys willing to share this experience. At the center is the dialogue and the harmony between the kitchen and the hall of restaurant. Harmony in being able to welcome the customer and make him feel at home.

In fact, the project was initially born as a home restaurant until it moved to its current location in the historic center of Reggio Emilia.



Interno Tre is a plant based kitchen, therefore we only use ingredients of vegetable origin and our revolution starts from here. Cooking and nutrition go hand in hand for us. We continually try to reinterpret the raw materials we have through innovative techniques, but at the same time, giving great value to seasonality.

Our menu in fact changes four times a year following the seasonal cycles. We think of the dishes with the goal of recreating the perfect balance by stimulating the palate and eyes; the essence of food for us is color, taste and consistency and it is on these cornerstones that we base our proposals.


Food also has a very important function for the good quality of our relationships. We want our table to be pure conviviality, even more if accompanied by good wine and an aesthetically stimulating environment.

This is why we always host temporary exhibitions of painting, photography and sculpture with great satisfaction. The artists who choose to collaborate with us create studied and tailored paths to involve our guests in a rewarding artistic experience.


This, in short, is the story of our family that can now be defined in all respects "an extended family" and the adventure that we have chosen to undertake together involving our guests who, over the years, follow us and support us.

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